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December Newsletter by CCDA Connect


Welcome to 2022!

I want to start this welcome by acknowledging the dedication, service, and resilience of all of our incredible CCDA members and career practitioners across the state. The challenges of our ever-evolving pandemic reality have further highlighted the crucial role career practitioners play in promoting equitable access to decent work. This is particularly evident as work-related societal phenomena–such as the “Great Resignation,” increased union visibility/efforts, and reevaluations of work/life balance–continue to unfold. 

As we enter a new year, our CCDA Board met for our January retreat to reconnect and plan our CCDA priorities for the rest of the 21-22 board year. Many of our board members expressed nostalgia for the in-person connection of the past, in which we did not have to consider masks and physical distancing; yet we are committed to keeping our membership safe, so our events for the rest of the year will be primarily–if not exclusively–in the virtual/remote format.

I’m excited to announce the theme of our virtual CCDA Annual Conference: Theory to Practice in Career Development Resilience and Equity Work. Save the date on your calendars for Friday, May 6th, 2022. Stay tuned for updates on our conference, which will be spearheaded by our President-Elect and Conference Committee Chair, Dr. Cheryl Love.

Coming Up with CCDA

  • Upcoming Events (currently in initial planning phases, keep an eye on your email and CCDA social media for updates): 

    • Professional Training Advocacy Series: Career Counselor Education in California: Part 2 & Part 3
    • Workforce Development vs. Career Development: Bridging the Divide

    • The Harris Poll: A Discussion of NCDA’s 2021 Commissioned Poll of Working Americans’ Perspective of Career Development

  • Constituency Group Meetings: periodic meetings of career practitioners in similar roles to connect, network, and share best practices (Constituency Categories: Higher Education Career Counselors & Specialists; Private Practice, Business/Industry, Agencies; Counselor Educators & Researchers; Graduate Students; School Career Counselors & Specialists)

  • 2022 CCDA Annual Conference: Theory to Practice in Career Development Resilience and Equity Work Friday, May 6th, 2022

  • CCDA Spring 2022 Membership Sale: Are any of your colleagues interested in becoming CCDA members? We'll be offering a sale in spring to encourage new members to join us! (More details to come!)

  • Recruitment for the 2022-2023 CCDA Board Term: interested in joining our team? We’ll be providing more details and an information session soon! Reach out to ccdaconnect@gmail.com now to express your interest in joining our board!

CCDA Highlights

  • 540 Constituents, 200+ Active CCDA Members

  • Career Professionals across a variety of specialties and settings (~59% higher education, ~24% private practice, ~15% nonprofit agency, ~6% K-12, with some members belonging to multiple categories and additional miscellaneous categories) 

  • Spring 2021 Conference Highlights:

    • CCDA’s first virtual conference

    • 100+ attendees, average session rating 4.8/5

  • Successful Fall 2021 Events:

    • A Support Circle to Flourish in the VUCA Environment

    • Professional Training Advocacy Series: Career Counselor Education in California: Part 1

    • CCDA Virtual Community Mixer

  • 17 Board Members for the 2021-2022 CCDA Year

  • 4 social media pages & 2 social media groups - connect with us!1/

Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ccdagroup/ 

    LinkedIn Group - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1216147/

    21-22 CCDA Board Members

    Executive Committee

    • Shelby McIntyre - President

    • Cheryl Love - President-Elect

    • Andrew Stenhouse - Past-President

    • Kegan Barroso - Secretary

    • Markell Morris - Finance Co-Chair

    • Carrie McKnight - Finance Co-Chair

    Communications Committee

    • Ash Ayvar - Communications Co-Chair

    • Paty Villegas - Communications Co-Chair

    • Daniel Greenwood - Technology Chair

    Member Services Committee

    • Larissa Bates - Member Services Chair

    • Lea Beth Lewis - Community Partnerships & Collaboration Chair

    • Sharet Garcia - Legislative/Public Policy Chair

    • Kristen Roberts - Assessments & Data Chair

    Programming Committee

    • Robyn Kurland - NorCal Regional Coordinator

    • Elif Balin - Constituency Group Chair: Counselor Educators and Supervisors

    • Bonnie L. McCreary - Constituency Group Chair: Private Practice, Business/Industry, Agencies

    • Heather Zeng - Constituency Group Chair: Higher Education & Specialists

    See more details about our team on our website: http://www.ccdaweb.org/Leadership 

    Please also take a moment to renew your membership, and/or update your profile to reflect which constituency group you are a part of: http://www.ccdaweb.org/membership

    It has been an honor thus far to serve in the role of President with the support of our phenomenal CCDA Board. At each of our events, I am consistently blown away by the expertise, talent, and passion of our members. I appreciate your continued support of our organization, and look forward to seeing you at our conference in May!


    Shelby McIntyre

    President, California Career Development Association

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